“Vincent de Paul: Charity’s Saint”

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Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1: Historical Context and Youth
00:01 – 13:37

Chapter one provides an historical overview of 17th century France, Vincent de Paul’s youth, and the primary influences on his spiritual development.

Chapter 2: Conversion and Spiritual Maturity
13:37 – 28:40

Chapter two surveys Vincent’s long-standing relationship with the Gondi family, his formative experiences at Folleville and Châtillon, and two prominent themes of his spiritual maturity: the Vincentian virtues and Divine Providence

Chapter 3: The Congregation of the Mission
28:40 – 36:10

Chapter three analyzes the acquisition of Saint-Lazare and the founding of the Congregation of the Mission as an important moment in the renewal of the French Catholic Church.

Chapter 4: Louise de Marillac and Founding Women
36:10 – 48:24

Chapter four examines Vincent’s long-standing relationship with Louise de Marillac, the founding of the Daughters of Charity and the Ladies of Charity, and other major endeavors including the work with foundlings and galley slaves.

Chapter 5: Vincent’s Leadership
48:24 – 52:19            
Chapter five analyzes Vincent’s leadership in establishing the Rules for the Congregation of the Mission and implementing the mission itself, often operating like a modern Chief Executive Officer.

Chapter 6: 350 years later.  What does it all mean?
52:19 – end 

Chapter six concludes by examining the deaths of Vincent and Louise in 1660, the subsequent campaign for Vincent’s canonization, and a survey of the meaning of the Vincentian mission 350 years later.

News & Events

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  • Winter DRMA Lecture

    The Gondi: Family Strategy and Survival in Early Modern France. Lecturer: Dr. Joanna Milstein, 11:30AM - 1:00PM in Room 115 Richardson Library, RSVP bcicirel@depaul.edu
  • Filming through a Vincentian Lens

    Reception: 5:30 pm Screening and Panel Discussion: 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm CDM Theatre: 247 S. State St. Chicago, IL

    9:30 AM DePaul University’s DePaul Center Keynote Speaker: David Ansell, MD, MPH, Rush University Medical Center
  • Autumn DRMA 2014

    Title - Jansenism: Its Key Figures, Themes, and Relevance Today, Speaker: Brian Stayer, Tuesday, September 23, 2014; 11:30 am - 1:00 pm in the Richardson Library, Room 115. Lunch will be served.
  • Sister Helen Prejean Week

    Sister Helen Prejean, C.S.J., activist and author of Dead Man Walking, will once again visit DePaul for a week’s worth of programming inspired by her work